One-vehicle crash takes life of Kualapu’u man

The Ford F-150 driven by Scott Furtado tore a hole in the maintenance shed at Molokai Shores Condominium.

The still of a quiet Molokai night was shattered by a violent single vehicle crash that ended the life of the sole occupant.

Police investigating the Monday night accident on Kamehameha V Highway suspect that alcohol use was involved in the crash that killed Scott Furtado, 24, of Kualapu’u.

Furtado was westbound at 11:04 p.m. when he lost control of the 1999 Ford F150 pickup he was driving by himself about a mile east of Kaunakakai. The truck went off the road on the right shoulder, collided with a sign post, crossed over the center line into the oncoming lane before going onto the left shoulder. The vehicle then struck another sign post, a fire hydrant and a fence post when it overturned and collided into a maintenance shed at Molokai Shores Condominium.

Furtado was ejected from the vehicle, which tore a hole through the back wall of the shed. Emergency responders attempted to revive Furtado who had been pinned under the truck. He died at the scene.

Furtado was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, according to Sgt. Winfrey from the Molokai unit of the Maui County Police Department. Furtado was an employee of Zac’s Fumigation here on Molokai.

This is the fourth traffic fatality in Maui County for 2010, compared to six at the same time last year.

(The photo of the turned over truck and the covered body was removed from this website. I apologize if the photo offended anyone. — David Lichtenstein)


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  1. Aloha David,

    My name is Noa John Horner. I am the first cousin to Scott Furtado Jr. I would like to thank you for removing Scotty Boys photo from your website. I am a firefighter here on the island stationed at Hoolehua. I was unfortunately working the night that Scotty Boy lost his life. The hardest thing about my job here is the fact that I know a lot of the people that we respond to.
    As my brothers in the fire department knew that Scotty Boy was my cousin and knowing that I was on my way down with my company to assist them that night, they had saved me the heartache and pain, not to mention the picture of this traumatic experience that would definately stick with me for the rest of my career and life, (by cancelling us in route). I had gotten word approximately 30 minutes after the accident so I had no idea it was Scotty that was involved. I can’t thank my brothers enough for sparing me this pain.
    I have a large family, and I knew that if I wasn’t able to give my ohana the confirmation that they needed they would eventually make their way to the accident scene and I did not want them to have that memory in there minds. I had decided to go down and confirm for my family that it was indeed Scotty boy. In my career…..we don’t experience the dead but the dying. It is not something that we will ever get used to but it is what I feel is my calling. I have been able to help out a lot of people, however our job does not guarantee a 100% save rate. We do lose people no matter how prepared we are. The thing is I still see every death, every scene and every unfortunate circumstance that I have been faced with. It is because of this that I could not allow my family to see Scotty Boy the way that he was that night. I still pass the hotel to this day and can still see my cousin laying there with the yellow blanket on him, I still see him lying there with his hair in his face, and blood, eyes still opened. This is the image that will haunt me for the rest of my life……This is the image that I have spared my family from. I hope with this you are able to understand the anger that my family had at the time of Scotty’s death.
    Like I said before, thank you for removing the photos…..I am a little troubled…..I am thinking that Scotty’s pictures from that night may still be around, and the thought that it could turn up later at some point makes me worried……With that, I ask respectfully that if there are any photos left of him, please discard them.
    Scotty has taken a lot pictures of him and his hunting, and diving adventures in the last couple of years. It is in this manner that I would like to remember my cousin……Scotty Ka’ohua Furtado Jr. Mahalo for time David. Feel free to contact me through my email.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Noa. I’m sorry for your loss and for the haunting memories it left behind. I also thank you for the tremendous service that you and all firefighters provide for our community. I have not distributed any of the photos from the accident scene nor do I plan to. All the photos taken were from a distance with a wide angle lens. They were not shot for publicity but to help the insurance adjusters for Molokai Shores.
      My deepest condolences to the entire Horner ohana. I know Scotty is missed by everyone. Hopefully his death will serve as a lesson to others to always wear seatbelts and to never drive under the influence.

  2. aloha im the mother of scott furtado and so happened through scottyboy popped to this website and i’m learning for the first time of the details of the accident…………..were you the one that also put it on khon…….all i know is he died at 11;02 cause thats when i popped out of bed n started praying then we get the phone call approximately 1;30am…i am able now to learn of the crucial details……….first i have not received anykind of report from firemen or policemen but read the recent report on dispatch n now your website………people from waolani judd school were calling my brother Roy because of the news and his friends from High School…….i would like to know what point level of alchohol was he clocked at…….his speed limit…….and the the knowing of wat he hit and so on………and on and on……….he was being a good joe by taking mp back to their home in kawela where they all came from Maui maybe 6 of them probably yes having a few n leaving the cans n bottles on the truck because we were thought to recycle from the gecko being that his daddy worked pearl harbor n knew wat recycle materials were used for………the talk around town was unreal butt i took it all in and knew my walk will get me the thruth and my son has revealed to me in a dream the thruth of his last mile before going home to heavenly father………..the crash was nutt believe me being on the influence……you can tell Mr. Buchanan that……..know one knows that boy and his in n outs except me…….everything from when he was young when he felt bothered he would write down a report just in case he needed it that boy was so gifted spiritually and waolani judd of the nazarene school saw it in him and so did many of his true friends…….the only influence he truly had was being a righteous man sheltered in the arms of god by being chased or played a fool by jealousy or maybe my own ohana down here who works on the desk of the popo’s……maybe i”ve said enuff already butt jus had to tell yu influence no way……yu took pictures of his feet showing for insurance for Molokai Shores Buchanan said a mouthful n i heard it the same day i came in when i heard of the accident from a sourse way up in Hoolehua…… yu see how wonderful Jesus has been to me and from me to my son…..i thought him to respect that island like you dont know because of the accidents that we cant understand how da heck it happened……….especially being right by Molokai Shores where his good friend Kamu had his accident …… wat did that reveal……….Kamu took the beginning n scottyboy took the end ALPHA N OMEGA …I’D LIKE TO KNOW HOW EVERYONE GOT THE REPORT BEFORE HIS PARENTS ……ANYWAY JUS HAD TO SHARE THIS NOW IM NOT SCARED OF NOBODY BECAUSE SCOTTYBOY TRULY GOT MY BACK NOW…….SINCERELY MARGARET F U RTADO

    • Thank you for your comments. My deepest condolences for your loss. I do have some pictures taken for insurance purposes. If you email me at I can send you some copies of the photos. I don’t have any details other than those stated in the story. Call me at 658-5181 if I can be of any assistance.

  3. yes i will be calling yu soon if i may have those pictures for insurance purposes n is it possible that yu get a police n fire report for me i dont think i’ll be coming home soon or have them mail it to me…….i’ll call to give yu my address soon …thankyu margaret


  5. […] It was a little after 11 p.m. when I was woken by the sound of screeching tires and a loud impact. Scott Furtado, 24, was driving westbound on Kamehameha V Highway when he lost control of his pickup truck, hit a signpost, a fire hydrant, a fence post and the back […]

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