Pattern Energy must leave Molokai

I Aloha Moloka’i News Release

The proposed $3-5 billion “Big Wind” project to build 90 huge wind turbines on Molokai and a billion-dollar undersea cable has come to a crashing halt.

Now that the Public Utilities Commission has ordered Hawaiian Electric (HECO) yesterday to stop this mega-project and restart it with new bidders, I Aloha Moloka’i (IAM) requests that Pattern Energy and its subcontractors and partners cease their activities on Molokai immediately.

In its attempt to force “Big Wind” on Molokai, Pattern Energy has acted under false pretenses, because it had no authority to be there. In numerous closed meetings it has attempted to split Molokai residents and damage the harmony of our island.

Even though Pattern admits that 97 percent of Molokai residents oppose “Big Wind,” it continues to push for the project, ignoring community wishes and requests, and stating it has a contract to fulfill, which is untrue.

HECO has also acted in bad faith in appearing with Pattern in public meetings and stating that two were working together.

This insane project, the huge turbines and undersea cable, has already cost U.S. taxpayers millions for a Programmatic EIS that has no relevance to Hawaii’s energy needs. The only beneficiary is the consulting company AECOM, which has received over $35 million of taxpayer dollars for such projects.

All Hawaiians should unite to kill this financial and engineering catastrophe before it drains our budgets and raises our electricity rates further, and tears Hawaii apart.


One Response

  1. Looks like to me that the biggest problem is the HECO-owned PUC and State Legislature.
    Everything they do is a rubber stamp of what HECO wants. Take a look at the so-called “feed-in tariff” agreement. Who in their right mind would buy into that 20 year nightmare…being locked into a $.21/kwh payback and still having to pay big bucks to buy in in the first place and $25/mo. forever just for the priviledge of being signed up? But it’s like HECO and the Legislature did us a big favor by enacting that?
    So HECO wants Big Wind, HECO gets. If not Pattern or Foist Wind, then who’ll be the next HECO shill to stand up?
    Kauai had the right idea when they went to an energy co-op. Molokai should follow suit and kick HECO/MECO out.

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