Letter to the editor: I ‘Oneda’ for Obama and Ohana

When watching today’s U.S. Congress debate debt ceiling and deficit issues it is like a soap opera — “As the World Turns,” “All My Children,” The Old and Fartless,” so on and so on.

Larry Helm, Vietnam combat veteran and Commander of Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans

America is in a financial crisis. Our kupunas on fixed income are hurting, middle class, small businesses and education are getting squeezed. We are past the point of “ching chong chinamen sitting on a fence trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents.” President Obama inherited this mess. Plenty of blame to go around.

We are a human ohana, brown, yellow, black, or white — don’t matter what your site — one size does not fit all. What happens in Congress affects the world, America, Hawaii, and Molokai. For Molokai, it means less for education, less traffic controllers, funding for USDA, conservation, Medicaid, etc., etc.

American Veterans and citizens, campaign now! Take back the slogan “Made in America”.

In my opinion, the recipe to get out of the fiscal mess—five year plan is:

• Immediately stop unnecessary spending.
• All politicians and federal employees, including President Obama, take 5 percent pay cut.
• All nonprofits, including churches, pay something in taxes.
• Draw down two wars by January 2012 and leave a small coalition.
• Close tax loop holes from the oil companies and big corporations.
• Millionaires and billionaires like Microsoft Bill Gates, Buffet … ask them to help.
• National lottery — five years only.
• Health care system for seniors only like the VA system.
• Money given to other countries — cut in half.
• Countries that export products to America pay 10-20 percent tax.
• All products and services made elsewhere, find a way to make in U.S. Follow the “Made in America” slogan.
• We are the Saudi Arabia of natural gas — use it now.
• People are paying high gas prices now — President Obama, ask the American people for help. Show accountability for funds collected, for example a monthly tote board on TV, etc.
• Veterans remember in the heat of a firefight, and when the enemy was near, the commander did not say give me Christians or Muslims, or white or black soldiers only. He said give me all soldiers.

I oneda (the whole) — if Obama follows this recipe, maybe mo bettah for Molokai, Hawaii, and the World Ohana.

Larry Helm,
Vietnam combat veteran and concerned citizen


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