Reinstated Hawaiian Government seeks kokua for upcoming election

Kupuna Moke Kim encourages anyone to register by Sept. 30 for the Nov. 5 elections for the Reinstated Hawaiian Government. Contact Molokai RHG representative Duke Kalipi at 213-5416 for more information.

Supporters of the Reinstated Hawaiian Government met last night at the Mitchell Pau’ole Center meeting room to share mana’o and discuss the upcoming elections scheduled for Nov. 5.

Also known as the Lawful Hawaiian Government or the Kingdom of Hawaii, the RHG is accepting voter registration up until Sept. 30. The group is also looking for individuals to sign up for citizenship. About 15 people attended the meeting.

Kupuna Moke Kim, a longtime Molokai educator, explained how the RHG seeks to re-establish the divine or god-given right of every Hawaiian, and every person in general, to live a free and sovereign life. He provided an overview of Hawaii history going back before 1819, the death of Pai’ea, otherwise known as Kamehameha I.

Uncle Moke then discussed the development of the Hawaii nation and constitution. It was this fear of a sovereign and independent Hawaii that led to the unlawful overthrow of the government in 1893. The American colonists, fearful of losing their economic interests, annexed Hawaii, placed Queen Liliuokalani — the last Hawaiian monarch — under house arrest and effectively ended the self-rule of Hawaii.

“From 1893 to 1999 the government was in exile,” Kim explained. “The government was still there, it just went on vacation.”

According to Kim, the colonists were more attracted to money and the exploitation of natural resources than in understanding the true spirit of aloha.

(Ironically, at exactly the same time in the adjoining Mitchell Pau’ole conference room, Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa and his administrators were conducting a public budget and finance meeting.)

In March of 1999 the Kingdom of Hawaiian was reinstated through an action of international law. “They got the paperwork to show that it (the kingdom) never disappeared,” said Kim.

(Click on the story “Lawful Hawaiian Government reaches out to Molokai” for a more complete explanation of the formation of the RHG and its current political efforts.)

Similar organizing efforts of the RHG are being held now on all the Hawaiian islands. With almost 400 “nationals,” or members of the RHG, and another 7,000 citizen applications in the works, the hope is for the upcoming election to bring a unified consensus to the group.

Molokai has nine registered RHG nationals, including Duke Kalipi, the designated representative of Molokai. Call Kalipi, head of the local Hui Kane group, at 213-5416 for more information on voting registration or the RHG in general. Kalipi said the group is seeking any kokua and strategies to help with the Nov. 5 elections. On Molokai, elections are scheduled to take place at Kalanianaole Hall in Kalamaula.


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