Unemployment rates drop everywhere except Molokai

While unemployment rates appear to be dropping statewide, the percentage of those unemployed on Molokai has risen.

According to the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Molokai was the only Hawaiian island to see an increase in unemployment between September and October. The rate increased from 16.8 percent to 17.5 percent. Of course, these figures do not take into account the hidden economy on Molokai, which accounts for a good portion of its goods and services.

On Maui, the rate fell from 7.6 percent to 7.3 percent. Overall, Maui County dropped from 7.9 percent to 7.6 percent. Honolulu, with the lowest rate in the state, dropped a tenth of a percent, for the fourth straight month, to 5.6 percent.

On the other islands, Hawaii County’s rate was at 9.3 percent, down from September’s 9.6 percent; Kauai at 8.5 percent, was down from September’s 8.8 percent.

The state reported that Hawaii’s labor force included 633,900 people in October. Of this total, more than 592,000 had jobs and more than 41,000 were unemployed. Nationwide, the seasonally adjusted jobless rate was 9 percent last month.


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