Molokai Irrigation System receives $1.25 million for improvements

Governor’s Office News Release

Governor Neil Abercrombie today announced the release of more than $13 million for various Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) that invest in Hawaii’s local agriculture industry and upgrade the state’s water irrigation infrastructure.

Locally, $1,250,000 will be spent on the Molokai Irrigation System for planning, design and construction to replace an above-ground concrete flume with an underground pipeline, installation of a new hydropower plant and structural stabilization of an access bridge.

“As we continue to shift Hawaii’s economy to a sustainable foundation, our investment in New Day Work Projects must include upgrading our agricultural and irrigation systems, which is critical to our food security,” said Governor Abercrombie.

“The priority projects being funded will greatly support and expand agriculture in Hawaii,” said Russell S. Kokubun, chairperson of the Hawaii Board of Agriculture. “Much of the state’s agricultural infrastructure is decades old, and it is important to maintain and upgrade them and keep them in service to Hawaii’s farmers, growers and ranchers, now and for the future.”

On the Big island, planning and design for renovation of the existing water tunnel system in the Ka'u area is one of the statewide irrigation improvement projects.

Other projects identified with the help of state legislators and county officials include:

• $4,150,000 – Pa’auilo Rendering Plant and Slaughterhouse, Hawai’i Island – Funds released to the County of Hawaii for planning, design, construction and equipment for building renovations, infrastructure improvements and equipment replacement to facilitate economic development of the beef.

• $2,500,000 – State Irrigation System Reservoir, statewide – Land acquisition, design and construction for safety improvements to irrigation reservoirs, including vegetation removal, embankment lining, and repair and/or replacement of gate valves, spillways, outlet channels, and other features of the system

• $1,850,000 – Waimanalo Irrigation System, O’ahu – Design and construction to replace ditch lining, install supervisory control and data acquisition systems, and various other necessary improvements

• $1,000,000 – State Agricultural Water Use and Development Plan, statewide – Preparation of a comprehensive statewide plan to inventory irrigation systems throughout the state, including preparation of historic descriptions of original irrigation infrastructure, assessment of current conditions, proposing maintenance/improvements and identification of irrigation sources and water use requirements for long-term waster use projections

• $1,000,000 – Hanalei River, Kaua’i – Reinforcement of stream bank and construction of a structure to return water flow to the river’s main channel, feeding the Hanalei National Wildlife Reserve

• $500,000 – Ka’u Irrigation System, Hawaii Island – Planning and design for renovation of the existing water tunnel system in the Ka’u area.

• $500,000 – Waiahole Water System, O’ahu – Planning and design for replacement of nearly century-old siphons and related valves.

• $300,000 – Kekaha Ditch, Kaua’i – Planning and design for improvements to the Black Pipe Siphon, Pali Wooden Flume and other structures.


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