Gov. Linda Lingle to create Molokai Advisory Board if elected

Linda Lingle Senate Committee News Release

Governor Linda Lingle announced today that if elected to the U.S. Senate, she will create advisory boards on each neighbor island to give a voice to the statewide population of Hawaii at the federal level.

Linda Lingle, a former resident of Molokai, was here in August of 2010 for the groundbreaking of the Molokai Community Health Center.

During her eight years as governor, she implemented county advisory boards made up of volunteer community leaders. The membership of the boards in East and West Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Kauai discussed and reviewed a myriad of issues important to each island.

“Having worked and lived on both Molokai and Maui, I know how important it is for residents on every island to know their concerns are being heard by their U.S. Senator and that their opinions are important at a national level,” said Gov. Linda Lingle. “The island-specific advisory boards that I plan to initiate if elected to the U.S. Senate, will provide residents on each island a forum to discuss issues that need to be addressed in Washington.”

“While other candidates have pledged to be available via a toll free number or through their websites, I believe it is critical for constituents to be able to interact face-to-face with a member of my team when I am in D.C.,” said Gov. Lingle.

“After serving 10 years on the Maui County Council, including six years as the Molokai member, and eight years as Maui County Mayor, I know residents on the neighbor islands desire this type of personal contact with their representatives. Implementing these island-specific advisory boards, along with a full-time staff person, will be an important component of my plan to communicate with all of the constituents I serve, if elected,” added Gov. Lingle.


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  1. one wonders how the 2008 prez race would have played if mccain chose linda instead of that cartoon character as his v.p..

    chris matthews had linda on as a co-host for one thing or another the republicans held and she came off a tad light but far (FAR) mo bettah than ms. palin could evah hope to.

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