Local DMV workers arrested for possible theft

A full house at the Molokai DMV office means long waits for customers. The DMV recently cut back its hours pending the investigation of two of its employees for theft.

Two employees from the Maui County Department of Motor Vehicles were arrested on the morning of Feb. 2 at the Molokai Satellite Office.

The two DMV office clerks at the Mitchell Pau’ole Center — Renee Montizor and Shawna Lopez — were placed under arrest for theft investigation, according to Maui County Police Sergeant Randy Esperanza. They were released pending an internal investigation by the Maui County Department of Finance, which oversees the DMV operations.

Maui County Motor Vehicle and Licensing Administrator Lito Vila, the immediate supervisor of the two employees, would not comment when contacted this morning.

“I’m not able to provide comment while this is under investigation,” said Vila by phone. “We will cooperate with authorities during this investigation.”

Vila was uncertain how long it will take to complete the investigation. During this process, office operations will be conducted by veteran DMV employees from Maui. As a result, the DMV cut its hours back to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8-11:45 a.m. and 1:15-4 p.m. Previously, the office was open five days a week.

“We appreciate the Molokai community’s patience,” said Vila. “We are doing our best to continue to provide services to the community.”

However, when the DMV was visited on March 1, customers were complaining about two hour waits. The chairs inside the office were full and customers were waiting outside to take their turn.

Vila said many of the delays experienced on Molokai are also occurring statewide as a result of the new legal requirements of the Real ID Act. Compliance with new legislation under this act requires the DMV to verify an individual’s legal presence in the U.S. The end of the month rush may be another reason for the delays, said Vila.

Chairman of the Maui County Council Danny Mateo, Molokai’s representative on the council, also declined comment on this case when contacted on Molokai today. Mateo said he would comment once the investigation is complete.

The two employees are now on paid administrative leave until the investigation is completed.


9 Responses

  1. And we are supposed to give them our social security numbers and birth dates? All of this in the name of security. Give me an effing break! Maui County = Organized Crime!

  2. “The two employees are now on paid administrative leave”, What the hell? They are thieves and have STOLEN why are they still on PAID leave? They should have been fired on the spot. How nice of these bitches to smile in your face all the while stealing your money. Would love to come face to face with one of these disgusting cows.

  3. Why not make appointments like they do on the mainland?

  4. Silly question here: Does the Dept. of Finance bond or otherwise vet their employees? Seems like all workers have access to personal and sensitive data on citizens and some are able to handle public moneys. If they aren’t bonded, at least MPD should be running criminal background checks.

    On second thought, where would they find bondable employees on Molokai?

  5. these people havent even been found guilty yet so shut yer mouths.beat down if you came face to face with these women or there spouses you would be the one getting the beat down.


  6. wow, I find this hard to beleive of the people I know, think we should wait before judging…..but it does explain why I can not get anyone to answer the phone from the mainland.
    Anyone know how,to get your car registered when the safety check is in the car, up to date , but car is in storage and I will not be on island until Nov ( reg due in Aug)?

    • Your car is in storage how – your plate isn’t if your registration expires, so it must be with someone or a company. In any case, you need the orange copy of your safety check paper, send it in with your registration renewal and it’s done. The general rule: If you have the orange copy safety paper then send it in with your renewal form. You need a current safety check to reregister your car. If for any reason your safety and registration is expired you need to get a new safety your car (you get a temporary safety check paperwork) – take that personally to the dmv, re-register car, and return to safety inspector – that route must be done within a 30 day period. gl

  7. Have you tried to do it on line or mail in check and registration?

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