Maunaloa General Store cited for underage alcohol sales

Maunaloa General Store recently paid a fine for selling liquor to a minor during a sting operation over the summer.

Representatives of Maunaloa General Store pleaded guilty March 1 to serving liquor to a minor.

The Maui County Department of Liquor Control, in cooperation with the Maui Police Department, ran a sting operation in July to catch establishments selling liquor to underage minors.

According to court testimony, an underage decoy entered the Maunaloa General Store on July 8 and purchased a 6-pack of Corona Extra beer. The sales clerk asked the minor for identification and checked the driver’s license for about 10 seconds, then allowed the minor to buy the beer.

Apparently, the employee thought the minor was old enough to purchase beer. “She just didn’t read that correctly,” said store manager Kahalenani Kama-Pele about the clerk.

It was the store’s first offense for selling liquor to a minor. They were fined $2,000 with $1,000 suspended, as long as another violation does not occur within one year.

Kama-Pele said they take the liquor laws seriously and have educated their employees in the past about the laws and procedures and have re-educated them since the incident.


5 Responses

  1. How about a sting operation to catch welfare fraud and unemployment fraud?

    The fact that the clerk asked for the ID is a point in the store’s favor. I’m 34 years old and they still ask to see my driver’s license!

    I’m sorry that the store made the mistake but I’m glad there is some semblance of law enforcement on Molokai… now can we just get those wiley frauds at the welfare office…?

  2. @jo

    Which side of the counter are you speaking of…workers or clients? Seems from problems at the tax offices on Oahu and the DMV here, there is as much evil doing on the office side. Public employees need to be independently vetted.

    • the clients / members of the public are the ones who need better screening.

      I know of 3 separate cases where the family lives together under one roof, but the couple don’t get married so that she can say she is a single mom. Both man and wife work for money that is paid ‘under the table’ so that there is not any tax paid on their earnings, which helps them qualify for additional welfare support.

      These people are scamming all of us – the Taxpayers.

      I have reported all three cases to the State over a year ago – but nothing has happened.

      So maybe the problem is on both sides of the Welfare desk…

  3. In the stores in my town in Calif. they have a sign at the cash register that gives the birthday year for which someone is able to purchase beer/liquor. That way all the clerks have to do is look at I.D. date of birth. No more accidental purchases.

  4. I wish they would do the same at the parties to check everyone’s
    I.D. I remembered when I graduated from high school I saw adults
    serving liquor to teenagers. Even if beer or any type of liquor being
    served at home should not go unpunished. I feel sorry for the person
    who was the sales clerk that day. On Molokai,anything can happen.
    Even something like an unfortunate mistake can turn into a nightmare of fines.

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