Editorial: Political correctness in the Egalitarian Age

Editor’s Note: The following letter was recently submitted to the Honolulu Star Advertiser newspaper. Longtime Molokai resident Steve Morgan explains his reason for writing:

“ … It is an issue that I find disturbing as the political climate in opposition to traditional religion seems to be growing. Despite our many challenges on Molokai I am happy to say that such antagonism is rare and, for the most part, our local papers have historically covered religious and cultural events in a fair manner.

“Even more concerning is the growing violence against Christians abroad, recent examples being that of the Coptic Church in Egypt and the dire situation in Nigeria, these events receiving only modest attention in mainstream media.”

By Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan

As a regular subscriber to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, I found myself dismayed two Sunday’s ago when I found no mention within the Star Advertiser announcing that it was Easter Sunday. In contrast to the lack of Easter coverage, the following week covered in detail the Merry Monarch festival and without surprise full front page coverage of the Dalai Lama’s visit was featured in both Saturday and Sunday editions of the paper.

I am not knocking the coverage of the Merry Monarch Festival or of the Dalai Lama, certainly these were significant religious and cultural events. But, how is it that what is considered the most important religious holiday for Christians and a holiday observed by so many people in Hawaii lacked any coverage at all?

Ultimately I have no horse in this race, as my own religious tradition does not include the observance of Easter, but what my religious tradition does deem extremely important is justice. This type of selective recognition certainly is unjust and has become too commonplace.


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