Third race in Makani Ikaika O Molokai series

Alex Mawae works his way through the waves and the 20 knot winds to take second place in the 10.3-mile Makani Ikaika O Molokai race April 21.

By Clare Seeger Mawae

The SUPAM (Stand Up Paddle Association of Molokai) held race number three of the Makani Ikaika O Molokai race series on April 21, paddling only the long course, a distance of 10.3 miles.

The wind was less than the prior weekends but still a steady 20 knots at the beginning, which then dropped to 10-15 knots in the last few miles. The short course participants from prior events switched to the long course making this quite a fun event.

Josie and Alex Mawae took to the outside of the reef with their mom, Clare. But shortly after the start, Clare’s fin ripped out of the box. With the wind blowing them downwind, Josie and Alex continued without her despite trying to paddle back upwind and then over to the rescue boat.

Alex refocused after the attempted rescue on the ocean and battled it out with Kekai Adachi who took to the inside. David Lichtenstein cruised to the finish line in first place with a credible time 2 hours, 15 minutes, 52 seconds. Kekai and Alex tied for second in 2.17:38. Josie Mawae had additional problems on the water so ended up not finishing and Solani Adachi finished in fourtth place in 2.21:47.

SUPAM would like to thank Chris Cheney for volunteering as rescue and for all of those that have helped to make this happen. The next race on Molokai is the Molokai Holokai on Saturday, May 19. We hope to see a strong turnout for this annual event. The Molokai Holokai will also determine the new SUPAM champions of the series.


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