Broadband Internet service coming to Kalaupapa

Kalaupapa residents and workers will receive broadband Internet for the first time ever around July 4.

Sen. Daniel Inouye News Release

For the first time ever, broadband Internet service will be available to the residents of Kalaupapa, Senator Daniel K. Inouye announced on Friday.

Oceanic Time Warner Cable is providing this service by extending its fiber network down to the previously inaccessible peninsula.

By coupling the feed into the formerly microwave fed insertion point of the cable plant, Oceanic now delivers added bandwidth to the community. Oceanic will also be providing additional video services to Kalaupapa including digital feeds and high definition programming that parallel the service offerings on the “topside” of the island.

“When I shared with Oceanic the limited availability of Internet service to Kalaupapa, they responded by developing a plan to get broadband Internet to this remote community,” said Senator Inouye. “I greatly appreciate Oceanic’s efforts to bring broadband Internet service to Kalaupapa. Making broadband Internet service available will help to improve the quality of life for the residents and workers of the Kalaupapa community. Telecommunications and technology should be made available and accessible to everyone.”

“We are pleased to be working with Senator Inouye and his team on these important initiatives. Besides launching broadband Internet service, Oceanic is committed to enhancing the TV service we provide to the residents of Kalaupapa,” said Bob Barlow, president of Oceanic Time Warner Cable.

Broadband services are expected to be available on or about July 4. Oceanic representatives will be contacting Kalaupapa residents with information regarding the new services.


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