Prices stay strong at 4-H livestock auction

Codi Kamakana earned the top price for his steer at the livestock auction on Saturday.

The annual 4-H Livestock Expo culminated with a successful steer and swine auction on Saturday at Kaunakakai Ballpark.

Larry Helm used his fast talk and humor to help capture the top prices at the annual 4-H livestock auction.

In keeping with tradition, Larry Helm once again served as the lead auctioneer under the exhibition tent. With a little help from Helm’s lighthearted and gentle persuasion, Codi Kamakana earned the top price for his steer. He sold his 1,182-pound black steer to Atlas Lumber for $6 a pound.

Acey Reyes earned $5.80 per pound when she sold her hog to Dale Moore of the Moore Center.

In the swine auction, Ale’a Davis got the top price for her pig when the 5-2 Ranch offered the highest bid. The 197-pound pig sold for $8.25 a pound.

Alea Davis earned the highest price for her hog, $8.25 per pound.

Monsanto got the bargain of the day during the steer auction. The company known for growing genetically modified corn seed bought Mark Borden’s steer for $5.10 per pound. Five steers sold for $5.50 per pound: Moani Rawlins (Goodfellow Bros.), Dallas Arce (Flap), Naiau Arce (Atlas), Brooke Keliihoomalu (Kualapu’u Ranch) and Elisa Duvauchelle (Kualapu’u Ranch). Taylor Keliihoomalu auctioned off his steer to Friendly Market for $5.60 per pound; Kainoa Kamakana also sold his steer to Friendly Market, $5.80 per pound.

Dwayne Borden walks his hog out to the exhibition tent for the auction.

In the swine auction, Gavin Makekau got the second highest price after Davis, selling it for $7.60 per pound (Flap). The top swine prices, in descending order: Acey Reyes, $5.80 per pound (Moore Center); Makana Arce, $5 per pound (GT Auto); Rex Kamakana, $4.95 per pound (Rawlins Chevron); James Borden, $4.95 per pound (Flap); Dwayne Borden, $4.90 per pound (Naiwa); Kaytlin Iaea, $4.80 per pound (Friendly Market) and Shannon Duvauchelle, $4.45 per pound (Naiwa).

Gavin Makekau offers direction to his hog who doesn’t appear to be paying attention.

The previous day, the participants all weighed their animals and paraded them around the ballpark. Market hog and market swine competitions were also held (results were not available at this time).

Mark Borden presents his steer during auction.


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  1. Congrats to all youngsters who raised their animals and saw the benefits of their hard work and love.

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