Molokai Education Center acquires land from Molokai Ranch

Donna Haytko-Paoa, coordinator for the Molokai Education Center, shows the expansion plans for the campus last year to the Governor’s Council of Neighbor Island Advisors — Molokai.

The University of Hawaii announced today that it has purchased 3.2 acres from Molokai Ranch to help expand the Maui College Molokai Education Center campus.

the state legislature appropriated $500,000 for this land purchase back in 2009. Then in 2011, Chancellor Sakamoto of UH Maui College announced that Governor Abercrombie had released these funds for the purchase.

But then the sale got held up. Last year Donna Haytko-Paoa, coordinator for the Molokai Education Center, announced that negotiations with Molokai Ranch had reached a standstill. Molokai Ranch owns 20 acres of land surrounding the two-acre campus and the company was not satisfied with the terms of the offer last year. The final purchase price has not been announced.

Now that the parcel has been bought, the Molokai Education Center can expand into new programs and strengthen its current programs.

At this time, approximately 250 students study at the Molokai Education Center. They can pursue certificate and associate degrees in seven primary majors, including liberal arts, agriculture and natural resources, business careers, early-childhood education, Hawaiian studies, human services and allied health.

“UH Maui College on Molokai provides great opportunities for our community and we couldn’t be more pleased to play a role in their expansion through this sale,” said Clay Rumbaoa, CEO of Molokai Ranch.


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