UH men’s basketball team coming to Molokai

The University of Hawaii men’s basketball team will play Chaminade in “The Barn” on Molokai on Dec. 15.

UH Assistant Basketball Coach Brandyn Akana was at Molokai High School today to speak to students. UH will play Chaminade at The Barn Dec. 15.

UH made the announcement on its athletics website yesterday when it unveiled the men’s basketball schedule for 2012-13.

“We play for and represent all of Hawaii,” UH head coach Gib Arnold said on the website. “We’re grateful for the support of our neighbor island fans and want them to know how much we appreciate them. We’re thrilled to play on Molokai and thank Chaminade and the people of Molokai for making this possible.”

It is believed to be the first time any UH team has played a game on the Friendly Isle.

Brandyn Akana, a former standout for Molokai High School and BYU-Hawaii, is a current assistant coach for Arnold. Akana’s older brother, Jarrin Akana, was the 1988 state player of the year for the Farmers and went on to play for BYUH and Hawaii. Jarrin Akana has been an assistant coach for several NBA teams.

Akana was on Molokai today where he gave an inspirational speech to the students at Molokai High School and Middle School.


2 Responses

  1. i was a teammate of his in 92.he set the state tournament record for total points…he was very talented.

  2. […] team visited Molokai over the weekend. It was already announced that UH men’s team will be returning to Molokai to play Chaminade at the Barn on Dec. 15. But no one knew they would be coming this past […]

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