Canonization of Saint Marianne inspires Molokai witness

Greta Martinez celebrates the canonization of Saint Marianne on Sunday with two other Hawaii visitors.

The reflections of Greta Martinez, librarian at Kualapuu Elementary School, show the depth and passion of the Catholics in attendance at Sunday’s canonization of Mother Marianne Cope at St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City.

Saint Marianne follows Saint Damien as the second saint to come from Hawaii and, more specifically, from the Hansen’s disease settlement of Kalaupapa on Molokai.

By Greta Martinez

The canonization of not only Saint Marianne Cope but six other individuals from other parts of the world and different missions was an event that brought heaven to earth on this October 21, 2012.

It was said that about one million people were in attendance, according to our guide. This was easy to believe when you saw all around you, the masses of people from all over the world.

The banner of Saint Marianne displayed alongside the other newly canonized saints.

The celebration was not only realized here on earth but, as our faith was brought to life, we Christians felt heaven right here on earth. Why? These individuals are merited saints not just because two miracles have been proofed to be attributed to the faithful prayers to them, but also and most outstanding, because of their examples of lives of unselfish, unwavering love to humankind, and God, as well as their faith.

About half of the priests in attendance at Sunday’s canonization get ready to administer communion to the people.

Yes, our faith is brought alive in this heavenly celebration, words really cannot justify nor describe the meaning and how the Spirit of God moved us. I was brought to tears of joy and thanksgiving to our God for having these saints as true examples of Christian life. It is possible to live as Jesus taught us, but it does come with a loving self-sacrifice.

So, as of today, our Saint Marianne Cope has been added to the canon of saints in the Catholic Church, and whether we belong to this church or not, she is still a fine example that we should learn about and whose example we should begin to imitate, with love.

With God nothing is impossible, not even change in us.

An estimated one million people attended Sunday’s ceremony at St. Peter’s square.


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