U-Haul rental service comes to Rawlins Chevron

Rawlins Chevron Service in Kaunakakai now offers U-Haul rentals.

Responding to the needs of the community, Shirley Rawlins of Rawlins Chevron Service has added U-Haul rentals to her business.

One of only two gas stations on Molokai, Rawlins Chevron in Kaunakakai has been operated by Aunty Shirley since 1972. She ran the business with her husband Larry who passed away in 1993.

With this new service, Rawlins is now the only business to offer truck and trailer rental services on Molokai.

“We saw the need in our community for these kinds of services and we had the capacity and resources to add this to our existing business at the same time providing something new to our island,” Rawlins said.

“U-Haul is proud to be partnering with a quality independent business such as Rawlins Chevron Service,” said William Hardy, president, U-Haul Company of Hawaii. “Shirley is a great example of the type of successful business relationship U Haul has established in order to build and maintain a strong network of more than 15,000 independent dealers across North America.”

For more information, or to rent your moving equipment today, call 808-213-0095. Business hours of operation are: Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m.–noon.


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  1. $5.19 a gallon?

    i’ll trade you our $3.59 a gallon for your $5.19 if you guys throw in the weather…(it’s about 50 degrees here)

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