Local author releases new novel set in Hawaii, “Saving Paradise”

On Molokai, Mike Bond is perhaps best known as an outspoken opponent of the state’s proposed industrial-scale “Big Wind” project.

Mike Bond

Mike Bond

Outside of Molokai his accomplishments are wide ranging. He has worked as an advisor to the U.S. and foreign governments, a human rights and war correspondent, an award-winning poet and an international energy expert. He has lived and worked in over 30 countries on six continents.

Now the Molokai resident is set to release his latest novel, “Saving Paradise,” which takes place entirely in Hawaii. Hailed by the BBC as “the master of the existential thriller,” Bond has received numerous awards, and his works have been translated into many languages.
saving paradise
In “Saving Paradise,” when a beautiful journalist drowns mysteriously off Waikiki, former Special Forces veteran Pono Hawkins, now a well-known Hawaii surfer and international correspondent for surfing magazines, soon gets embroiled in trying to find why she died. What he learns quickly makes him a target for murder or life in prison as a cabal of powerful corporations, foreign killers and crooked politicians turns the blame on him.

Alive with the sights, sounds and history of Hawaii, “Saving Paradise” is also a deeply rich portrait of what Pono calls, “the seamy side of paradise,” and an exciting thriller of politics, lies, and remorseless murder.

Based on his own experiences as a war and human rights journalist in dangerous, remote, and war-torn regions, his novels look deeply into the dark side of man as well as the good. They depict the terror and fury of battle and the intense joy of love, the vanishing beauty of the natural world, and the nature of the universe and its many meanings for human life. His lean unsentimental raw prose, free of best-seller formulas and literary pretension, conveys through the lives of real people what it means to be deeply alive, to hunger for a better world.

Mike Bond will make public appearances throughout Hawaii, to promote his novel and to sign copies for readers.


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  1. gotta keep the homeland safe………….this aint no wounded knee

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