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The Molokai News blog is a product of David Lichtenstein, former editor of The Molokai Times (a wonderful newspaper that was a victim of the faltering economy).

The Molokai News receives updates five days a week, Monday-Friday, with news of Molokai.

Comments and suggestions are welcome and always appreciated. If you have a question about this site or about Molokai in general, I will respond within 24 hours.


19 Responses

  1. Aloha, Molokai News! We shall be checking in daily for our fix island happenings. Molokai is our favorite island and we can’t wait to visit again.

    • Great to see this news of the Island. We have been to all the islands and have returned to your island on several occassions. Once for a lovely 5 weeks. To celebrate our 40th and after a year of medical problems we are coming back for three weeks in Jan/Feb’ . Now we are from Ottawa and coming from 3 to 4 feet of snow Molokai is a prize respit. Looking forward to a great time. Steve and Karen Sharlow

  2. I second ^that^ emotion… always interesting to keep up with Molokai news.
    A hui hou…

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the creating Molokai News! Its great to see daily news on whats happening in Molokai. Do you have an RSS feed setup?


    • Mahalo for comment, we appreciate the support! No, we don’t have an RSS feed setup yet but give us a little time and you will see big improvements to the appearance of the blog so it will include images and video. We will get the RSS feed and other features as well.
      – David Lichtenstein

  4. We are looking for local island talent,that builds home made skateboards.Pass the word out and call us..808-676-5299

  5. David: Good Job! It shows you can’t keep a good man
    down very long. First: provide an P.O. address so peoplewanting to help your news service can send donations.
    Secondly: provide a news board for “born&raised” Molokaians to contribute continuing short writings of their interesting experiences since leaving Molokai. For example, the goings on of their present home town; or how to graduate from a college like UC Berkeley without being rich; or on sporting events like the college world series in Omaha; or a description of
    a cockfight via real experiences; or how to publish a book. Bob

    • Excellent suggestions, Bob, mahalo! I’m always looking for community contributions and I will be expanding the website in the next month or so to include a section for community blogs.
      Anyone who wants to contribute to this news service can email molokainews@live.com. I will be soliciting donations in the near future to pay for the expanded site and to pay for local writers. I believe good writing should always be compensated. Keep checking back to see the developments.

  6. I’m not in Molokai actually but I’m just curious about the proposed wind farm in Molokai is it true?

    • First Wind has been interested in putting a wind farm on Molokai for years. The company decided to not put it on homestead land In Hoolehua and discussed placing a wind farm on Molokai Ranch land in the northwest part of the island. According to Molokai Ranch, they are not in negotiations with First Wind. Nothing is happening right now but there are discussions behind the scene. This is not the end of the story.

      • Please don’t give into Molokai Ranch, look what they have done to the Island. It’s so sad that there are two beautiful hotels that are boarded up..Molokai should be the epicenter of Hawaii culture and should be shared with the world responsibly.

        I hope the little town of Maunaloa can servive. I miss the General store and playing basketball with the awesome kids. I only lived there a couple of years but it was truly the experienceof my life.

        Akole Maluna……

  7. Excited to be in the loop w/Moloka’i News. I love looking at the island from Maui. It is gorgeous and a part of my life and I’m sure people on the West Side of
    Maui love it too!
    Thanks, David, keep us posted!
    With Warm Alohas,

  8. Aloha:

    In effort to raise the awareness of hunger on Molokai and throughout the state, Molokai is having its first ever Food Drive for Fashion & Prom Expo. Could you be so kind to advertise.

    Molokai’s first ever Food Drive for Fashion & Prom Expo on Saturday March 5th from 4pm-9pm at Hotel Molokai “under the big white tent”. Fashion show to start at 7pm. Admissions is 2 canned goods or a $5.00 donation. Drug & Alcohol Free event. All ages welcome. Come and support an event that will benefit Molokai island food bank and our local fight against hunger.

    Mahalo Nui!!! P.S. I’m doing this to help a friend of mines whose coordinating the event (Christian Kapono).

    Lily Napoleon

    • I’d be happy to provide some publicity for the event. Any additional details you can provide? What group will benefit from this? Do you have general information about the Molokai food bank such as hours of operation and eligibility?

  9. Ready for a press release?

  10. Hi David,
    I lost your email and was hoping to get that email again to update you on the athletics for Molokai High School.


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