PHOTOS & RESULTS: ROI ROUNDUP 2010 – Invasive Species Dive Tournament

Most Roi Award: Dean Kawamura (L) and Bryan Nakamoto (R) with Mayor Charmaine Tavares_MED

What happened with the fish that were caught?

All roi exceeding one pound were donated to ciguatera research at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Mahalo to Skippy Hau and Darla White of the Department of Land and Natural Resources for handling the fish sampling once again. The rest of the fish were donated to an organic farmer who will compost them for fertilizer.

The Maui Roi Round-up Committee: Brian and Janice Yoshikawa, Darrell and Jackie Tanaka, Stuart Funke-d’Egnuff, Kuhea Paracuelles, and Mayor Charmaine Tavares.

Sponsors: The Office of the Mayor; Maui Sporting Goods; Hard Rock Café; ProPark, Inc.; Barnes & Nobles; Maui Brewing Company and numerous local businesses.

● The dive tournament targeted the introduced species roi (peacock grouper), to‘au (blacktail snapper) and ta‘ape (blue-line snapper).
● Roi are considered invasive due to their status of predators of indigenous reef fish; a single roi can eat up to 146 fish each year and the species is known to have a high risk of carrying the ciguatera toxin that can cause serious illness in some people.
● Event included remarks by Mayor Charmaine Tavares and Senator Roz Baker, education stations, a Barnes & Noble book fair, door prizes and entertainment by Leokane Pryor and Isaac Lazo.

Rob Fujimoto unloads his catch

Photo Credit: County of Maui


● Total teams/divers: 37 teams (74 divers)

● Total fish caught: 271 (254 roi, 12 taape, 5 toau)

● Number of native fish potentially saved from predation by roi over the next year, with each consuming an average of 146 per year: 39,566 (254 x 146)

Awards presented for:

1st place: Dean Kawamura and Bryan Nakamoto (31 fish)
2nd place: Rob Fujimoto and Demetrius Xenos (29 fish)
3rd place: Kaulana Kaaa and Mark Riglos (27 fish)

MOST TOAU: George Rivera and Lyndon Honda

MOST TAAPE: Dana HueSing and Brandon Lee

LARGEST ROI: Bobby Twitchell (3.93 lbs.)

SMALLEST ROI: Chad Quedding (0.702 oz.)


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